Welcome to Lawyaw!

Lawyaw is a powerful technology platform built by people working together. Our team is building innovative natural language processing systems to push the boundaries and discover new computational and mathematical properties of language. Our mission is to build the most intelligent, powerful, and intuitive legal drafting platform in the world.

We like to say that we are a company built by people because it emphasizes the importance of human relationships. At the end of the day, we are nothing without our team and our customers. That’s why we are so selective in our hiring process. And why we’ve spent countless hours working closely with and learning from and getting to know our users over the last 18 months. We value our personal relationships and promise to continue to do so going forward. 

Why we started Lawyaw

Lawyaw was originally born out of my own frustration as a practicing attorney. As I was helping build a boutique law firm in San Francisco, I realized that the more successful we became, the less time I had available to spend with my clients; less time learning their specific circumstances and needs and less time reading new important case law developments. As we grew, I spent more of my time behind my computer doing legal work, a lot of which consisted of tasks that frankly didn’t require a legal degree. We tried to onboard administrative or paralegal help but some tasks that were routine and obvious to me became complicated when explained to a non-attorney and still required me to review. It seemed faster and safer to do it myself. In the meantime, I felt bad legal technology on our back-end was starting to cut into my face-time with clients. I should mention that our firm was extremely willing to buy and use technology but our options were severely limited due to available technology. We didn’t want an all-in-one practice management system. We didn’t want a software no one understood that required 3rd party developers and weeks of training. We wanted something simple that worked that helped the boat go faster. After meeting with dozens and dozens of other attorneys, we realized that majority of other attorneys felt the same way — that advocacy and the personal relationships forged through legal representation were the most fulfilling part of practicing law but they were spending more and more time doing things that did not require a law degree and that do not directly advance attorney-client relationships. 

We built Lawyaw as a way for experienced attorneys to get back to being lawyers and to allow them to maximize the human aspects of practicing law. We hope that you will enjoy the experience of using Lawyaw and find it simple, powerful, and intuitive. If not, let us know. We will listen. And if in some small way we are able to help you be a better advocate to your clients, and spend less time doing repetitive administrative tasks, then we will have achieved our goal. 

Thanks and happy drafting,