When it comes to generating new legal business, it can seem as though there’s never enough time or tactics to implement. Where do you start? What law firm marketing strategies should you invest in? Do you need to hire someone to implement said tactics?

You’ve most likely asked yourself one, or all of these questions. And you’re not alone. Law firms across the country are always struggling to find new business. Technology advancements and cost transparency have made it difficult for lawyers to continue to run their law firms in traditional ways, making the importance of implementing effective marketing strategies to find new business even more critical than it was before.

However, with technological advancements, comes new, easy-to-implement law firm marketing strategies that you can implement in just a few hours a week. 

Here are 4 law firm marketing strategies that you can implement this week:

  1. Implement an SEO strategy.
    Every law firm is aware of the importance of search engine optimization. If your website isn’t on the first page of Google, it’s a lot more difficult to be found. In fact, 91.5% of Google traffic doesn’t move past the first page.  
    It’s appealing and tempting to just pay a company for the opportunity to “be on page one of Google by the end of the month.” However, in order to really win with SEO, you have to create consistent, relevant content. The easiest way to do so is by creating a blog that your target audience will enjoy.Google’s algorithm continues to improve and older ways of “tricking” the system, such as hooking up a bunch of fake backlinks, don’t work anymore. In fact, they can actually hurt the credibility of your website. So don’t be fooled by those companies, instead invest in a content marketing strategy.When coming up with content to offer on your blog and/or website, simply think of your target audience and some of their common challenges and pain points as well as questions they have about hiring a law firm like yours. Answer those questions in informative blog content, ebooks, etc.
  2. Run an advertising campaign on Facebook.
    Facebook advertising is a great way to target a very specific audience. You can easily target demographics like job titles, relationship status, age, etc. Advertising to your specific target audience on Facebook is a great way to get more leads.
    That being said, don’t simply “Boost” your Facebook post. Start by mapping out who your ideal target audience is and play around with different targeting options. Try combinations of demographics or use a customer list to target “lookalike” audiences. From there come up with different variations of ads playing with headlines, images, and copy.Facebook advertising is a very easy way to reach your audience in a cost effective way.
  3. Start a referral program.
    The best marketing tactic out there is still word of mouth. If you can get past clients and colleagues to recommend you to new clients, there’s truly no stronger form of marketing.
     Create a landing page on your website explaining your referral program and have a form to capture referred leads. Then, send that website out in email campaigns to past and current clients as well as colleagues to pass along. For colleagues, try to brainstorm if there are ways you can feed one another’s pipelines.The key to a successful referral program is to get creative with your incentive. What are you going to offer in exchange for referrals? Make sure it’s something relevant to your target audience.
  4. Post your business on law firm listing websites.
    Often times listing websites are going to have a higher ranking authority than your website. By putting your law firm on those listing sites, you’re more likely to be seen by those clicking on higher ranking URLS and looking for legal help.
    Some of the more popular listing sites are Lawfirmdirectory.org, Lawyers.com, and Martindale.com.

If you’re thinking that these law firm marketing strategies seem too cumbersome to take on, take a step back. Start by breaking down your week, where can you give yourself a few hours here and there?

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